Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get kits or parts?

Platypus Boats sells kits and parts.

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What is the history of the San Francisco Pelican?

Designed in 1959 by Bill Short, who sailed El Toros on San Francisco Bay, the San Francisco Pelican is ideal for high winds and choppy waves. Its size and stability make it a great family boat, and it’s popular for racing and cruising. The original San Francisco Pelican design was for a 12’ boat, but other models include an 8’ Pelican Pup, a 16’ Great Pelican, an 18’ Super Pelican, and an 18’ Yangtze Junk. The major builders of Pelicans were Fred and Don Smith of Samish Island, Washington. They started building Pelicans in 1964. The 12’ Pelican has a bowsprit that brings its full length to 15’. It is 6’ wide, weighs about 390 lbs, and has a sail area of 105 square feet. The 12’ Pelican has a lug rig.

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Are there videos of the Pelicans sailing?

Chip Hanauer “The Boat Guy” has a great episode about the Pelican.

Here’s video of a Fleet 1 race at the Stockton Sailing Club in California.

Here’s some Fleet 1 racing at the Whiskeytown Regatta at Whiskeytown Lake near Redding, California.

Here’s some exciting sailing at Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco. I think these are students of a sailing class that was hosted by the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

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May I sail with someone or try sailing a Pelican?

Let us know if you are coming to one of our races and we can prepare to have you race with us, or try sailing a Pelican.

Since it can be sunny, remember to wear sunscreen, and it helps if you bring your own life jacket.

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Where can I sell my Pelican?

Craigslist is a good place to post an ad.

There is a Yahoo group pelican-sail where people advertise Pelicans for sale.

You can also send a message to Fleet 1 and we can share it with members and post it in the Yahoo group pelican-sail.

Remember when writing your ad to include:

  • Price
  • Hull/sail number
  • What’s included (trailer, sails, etc.)
  • How to contact you
  • Location

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Where can I buy a Pelican, and how much do they cost?

Unfortunately, no one builds and sells Pelicans, so you need to look for used Pelicans.

Used Pelicans can range in price from about $1000 to $4000 depending on their condition and whether the trailer, sails, motor, etc. are included.

Craigslist is a good place to look. The SF Bay Craigslist and Seattle Craigslist are good places to check, but there are Pelicans around the world.

There is a Yahoo group pelican-sail where people advertise Pelicans for sale.

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